Travelling Ibiza during COVID

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With the arrival of the pandemic (COVID 19) the world has changed and surely will never be the same. This virus has taken us for surprise and changed our lives. Our routines were modified drastically with all the precautions that we had to take to be safe from the virus. Our new lives make us stay at home, practice social distancing and wear masks in public.

There have been a series of new technologies and medical discoveries that help to prevent and detect the virus. All this is helping us get back to a similar lifestyle we had before the virus appeared. The testing is crucial to slow down the spread of Covid-19 and the medicine experts encourage people to be tested if they have any symptoms that match Covid.

If you have a trip planned to Ibiza or Formentera, the Govern Balear has imposed a series of measures to prevent the infections to increase in the island. Since 20 December 2020, only national travelers are permitted, no tourists are permitted.

The national travelers must present a justification on why they are traveling to the islands:

  • Attend a hospital
  • Work related
  • Teaching in a school, university, or education center
  • Coming back to your residence or family
  • Asist or take care of an old, disabled or dependent person
  • Renovating permits or official documents that are urgent
  • Taking exams or official tests that are urgent

Ibiza plans to run its own vaccine certificate scheme to permit passengers from all around the world to visit its islands in this summer season. It has requested the Spanish government to allow tourists to travel to the island if they have been vaccinated. This will help the island recover from the devastating situation Covid 19 has done to touristic places. As well, Spain is planning to create a green corridor for all British citizens who have already taken the covid vaccine and want to visit Ibiza.

The Covid restrictions in the island are beginning to lighten:

  • 4 people are permitted to have dinner and not be from the same household
  • Terraces can have 100% occupation, in two shifts, first closing at 17:00 and second from 20:00 to 22:30 from Monday to Thursdays.
  • Curfew has been extended till 23:00
  • Shops may open till 21:00

Ibiza is in a good transition to go back to the normal situation they had before Covid 19 appeared.

With all the experience we have with the pandemic, the only solutions we have to battle the virus and go back to the life we had is to vaccinate, social distancing of 2 meters and always wear a mask in order not to propagate the virus and protect ourselves from other people that may be infected.