Top 3 reasons you need a Premium concierge in Ibiza

If you’re planning to visit Ibiza, you may already be dreaming of the marvelous places the White Island has to offer: beautiful beaches with warm and golden sand, idyllic coves hidden in the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, exquisite local food like the local paellas, etc. 

There is a way to make your vacation even better: by hiring a personal concierge! 

The concierge service has gained a massive popularity over the years in the tourism industry, and with good reason! A concierge service does more than just help you with a reservation during your trip, they become a personal assistant that accompanies you before and during your vacation to make the most out of your journey

From Eivippsa, we offer you the premium concierge service, where we will personally assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until your departure. There are many perks to enjoy by getting any concierge services, but we share with you the 3 main reasons why:

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    A Genuine Local Experience

    Being one of the most beautiful islands on Earth, Ibiza tourism has become increasingly popular over the years. Many obscure places will allegedly try to sell you a “local experience” without knowing anything about the rich culture and historic traditions from the Spanish island. 

    Eivipssa is a travel agency located in Ibiza, so you can rest assured that every member of our team are locals in the White Island. We know what local life is here, the culturally rich history and traditions, and if you’re looking for a genuine experience of our culture, Eivipssa is the answer! 

    More than just experience, we offer you the expert knowledge of a local confidant to assist you. Our premium services go above and beyond by customizing every single aspect of your trip without taking away your autonomy

    Eivipssa is constantly in the know related to Ibiza, so we are always informed about the most recent news regarding the Balearic island: from new traveling policies within Ibiza, to the most popular spots to visit, remote coves to relax in your yacht, which restaurant to visit, etc. 

    With our premium concierge services, our team will do everything possible to give you the best authentic experience in the White Island through thoughtful recommendations or helpful advice. We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you in your vacation planning.

    Saving you Time and Money

    The best perk of having a personal concierge service at your disposal is all the time you save by outsourcing many dreadful tasks to an expert. 

    Many people enjoy the process of vacation planning, but we all can agree that it is a time consuming task that many don’t have the time to invest in. There are many things to worry about when making arrangements: accommodation, reservations, villa hunting, boat chartering, etc. 

    Many concierge services may help you with some minor planning tasks by helping you with a couple of restaurant reservations, but Eivipssa has the great advantage of having a premium service that can assist you even further by:

    • Support before your vacation starts with Pre-arrival services.
      We first get to know each other through a call, so we can start planning your trip together with our team of experts.
      From arranging flight tickets bookings and transportation, to helping you select a private villa for your stay, chartering a boat, making reservations in exclusive restaurants, grocery shopping before your arrival, and so much more.
      All you have to do is promptly communicate with us your wants and needs and with our premium concierge service, and we’ll make it a reality!
    • Assisting you throughout your trip.
      After your key arrival to Ibiza, we continue eagerly assisting you even further.
      Whether it is a last-minute reservation, hiring villa staff, getting you a private chef, organizing a spontaneous event, getting you an international artist in your party, recommending you the best places to visit, or just having an inconvenience during your stay, Eivipssa is always committed to always be there for you.
      Enjoy your vacation with a relaxing time, where the only thing you need to worry about is deciding whether to spend your day on a dreamy beach in a sunbed or just relaxing with a drink in the pool in your private villa.

    Safety for you and your loved ones

    Our services in Eivipssa is not only concerned about meeting your requirements, we also prioritize your safety.   

    We always strive to be the most reliable concierge service in Ibiza. Our objective goes beyond just assisting you, and we want to know you and truly understand what you’re looking for during your stay and subvert your expectations, always prioritizing your safety for you and your loved ones. 

    In our premium concierge service, we offer you assistance in arranging safety measures like:

    • Villa security and bodyguards.
      Secure your stay while visiting Ibiza with our professional security team, trained to deliver 24 hour residential security. 
    • Nani services.
      We also offer a nanny service to help with childcare during your vacation. All nannies have been rigorously interviewed and psychologically evaluated to ensure the best care.
    • Healthcare.
      With the pandemic affecting every traveler around the world, in Eivipssa we share the latest updates of Covid-19 regulations to keep you informed during your stay.

    With all of our years of experience, you can be assured that everything we do in Eivipssa is genuinely thinking of our customers’ best interest

    With our privileged local knowledge and our compromise to give you the best concierge service in Ibiza, you can heartily enjoy the best of the White Island with your loved ones without any worry.