Ibizan Celebration with a Personal Concierge

Finally the time has come, you’ve decided to celebrate a special occasion in Ibiza.

There is a reason why the White Island has been –and always will be– one of the most famous party islands in the world: glamorous nightclubs, high end private celebrations in yachts, worldwide visitors, amazing views and a perfect fusion between unapologetic fun and bohemian vibes. 

If you’re planning to celebrate a special event in the White Island, we got you covered! From Eivipssa we offer you a personal concierge service that will assist you in the planning process of your event. 

In this article, we share with you some recommendations of how to upgrade your celebration to make it an unforgettable event and share information about our service that will assist you to achieve the celebration of your dreams.

Party in a boat

Plan your event with a unique approach: celebrating in your own chartered boat. 

Ibiza has a privileged location in the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by turquoise waters and dreamy scenery with coves and beaches, making it the perfect setting for any event. 

May it be a birthday party, a corporate event or simply a celebration between friends and loved ones, celebrating in a boat can bring a once in a lifetime experience you will never forget. 

If you’re wondering what a personal concierge does, the answer would depend on each company.

With our service in Eivipyachts, you have the opportunity to choose from our variety of boats that better suit your taste and a group of professionals will customize every little detail to make your vision a reality. 

Our boat and luxury yacht rental service in Ibiza can also include the arrangements for catering, DJ and sounding systems, photography and video, water toys rental and so much more.

Imagine an event where you sail in a yacht with your friends and explore the beautiful hidden coves in Ibiza or visit the beaches of Formentera during the day, and once the light goes out, you can keep the celebration going with a party on board of a luxurious yacht. 

With an open bar and a bartender to serve you and your friends the best mojitos, you can combine both the laid back atmosphere and the wild partying in the same boat.

Consider Hiring a Concierge Service

In Eivipssa we offer a concierge service to get you the full Ibiza experience. 

The concierge as a figure has always been associated with a hotel clerk making reservations. The truth is that in the last decade, the concierge has become one of the most seeked services when it comes to luxury vacation and glamorous event planning. 

The reasoning is very simple: a concierge is a confidant that will assist you on every step of the journey. From planning activities to organizing all the little details of the event, a personal concierge service is surely a great way to make your vision a reality. 

Here are other key benefits that comes with concierge services for an event:

  • Personalized Service
    The event is always in your hands, so we tailor every detail to suit your tastes. Here in Eivipssa, we seek to create a genuine connection with our clients so we can truly understand what you’re looking for. 
    More than just listening to your demands, we seek to go above and beyond to subvert your expectations. 
  • Island Connections
    Eivipssa is a travel company located in Ibiza, giving us a great variety of connections within the isle that will provide you with the best of the best. 
    We grant you access to perks that only someone within the circle could get you: international stars like David Guetta for your event, getting you the luxurious private villa with the best view, chartering a luxurious yacht within record time, getting the best bartender in the area, local ingredients for magnificent meals, etc. 
  • Saving time and having fun
    With everything that needs to be taken care of, the event planning process can drain the fun out of the party with overwhelming tasks. 
    By hiring a concierge, you can focus on more important aspects of your trip and the celebration while we take care of all the details with our team of experts. By having 20 years of collective experience, we developed a great expertise to do everything in an efficient manner. 

Rent a Luxurious Villa

There has been an increase in the demand for private villas; for vacation seekers and people looking for a more personalized experience for their event. Some of the main reasons are:

  • Privacy
    Renting a luxury villa is a perfect option for the ultimate private event, because you can enjoy the glamorous perks of a luxurious venue and also take advantage of the privacy that only a private villa can provide. 
  • Diversity of Options
    We in Eivipvillas are a professional company specializing in house rentals in Ibiza: from luxury villas to holiday rental properties, we have the expertise to help you find the perfect space for your event. Having access to many exclusive areas with the best views of the Balearic Island.
    You can pick from our great variety of villa options: from a property located at the top of a hill with a seaview to a rustic house in the middle of a pine forest. Ibiza has many areas to choose from and every single one of them are perfect for amazing portraits and beautiful pictures. 
  • Tailor-made event
    In a private villa, there is a great liberty that can only be found in a private space. With our private concierge service, we can assist you in making the event a tailored experience.
    In Eivipssa we had the extraordinary privilege of arranging multiple private events in the White Island, each one with a special occasion worth celebrating. That is why our 20 years of collective experience in Ibiza will instantly grant you a VIP lifestyle for any party, wedding, corporate event, etc. you wish to celebrate with us.