Your next holiday in Ibiza with a luxury concierge

Ibiza is a beautiful island located in Spain, resting in the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea and very famous for all the hedonistic relaxation it offers to their visitors. If you are planning to visit the White Island, you should also consider improving your vacation by hiring a luxury concierge. 

Concierge services are rising on demand, as many people have discovered the great ways a luxury concierge can enhance a long-awaited Ibiza holiday vacation with their service.

What does a luxury Concierge service in Eivipssa do?

Travel concierge services have traditionally been known as hotel clerks who help guests with reservations. With the rise of the travel industry, the concierge has now been more associated with a personal assistant who will accompany their client through their vacation. 

From the planning process of the trip to the arrangements during their stay, the concierge is considered a must for anyone looking for a luxurious experience during their stay.

Eivipssa has a premium luxury concierge that covers everything you may need for your luxury travel to Ibiza and Formentera:

  • Renting a Luxury Villa.
    As a local company in the Balearic island, we grant our customers access to the best luxury villas for a private vacation, located in the best parts of Ibiza with a great variety of options in
    Do you want to swim in an infinity pool in front of the Mediterranean Sea? We have it. Are you looking for a rustic experience surrounded by nature? We got you covered.
    With our premium luxury concierge, our services go beyond just renting a villa, we can also help you with other tasks like: doing your grocery shopping before your arrival, getting qualified villa staff to clean the villa. access to exclusive places or beauty treatments, etc. 
  • Chartering a Boat.
    Any Ibiza visitor needs to experience sailing through the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea and explore the idyllic coves of Ibiza and Formentera. In Eivipssa we have a big catalog of boats that you can rent with Eivipyachts.
    From motorboats to superyachts, any client of our premium concierge can find the model they are looking for and also enjoy the other services we offer to help you with your trip: catering, water toys rentals, vip hosts, etc.  
    If you want a yacht for a bachelor party or a motorboat to explore the beaches and beautiful routes of Formentera, in Eivipyachts we can find you the boat of your dreams. 
  • Car Rental.
    Having a car at your disposal is a necessity if you wish to see everything around the island. Why not do it with style?

    With our premium concierge service in Eivipssa, we hire the car for you and deliver it where you’re staying. All you have to do is fill in some information regarding date and location, the type of car you want and the driver details. We would give you the booking summary before closing the deal.

The premium concierge of Eivipssa has the great advantage of covering every single aspect of the journey, from the get go you will have a conversation with one of our agents that will get to know you to create the best luxurious experience for you and your loved ones. 

Personal guide

You can’t always rely entirely on the information posted on the internet, as much of what’s shared online regarding Ibiza may be outdated or simply false.

That is why our service is perfect, both in terms of accuracy and personalization. Once you hire our premium luxury concierge service, an agent from Ibiza will contact you to have a conversation regarding your vacations. 

Our agents will do more than just booking your reservations, they will always try to understand your needs and will give you the best recommendations in the market. In Eivipssa we have more than 20 years of collective experience, so you can rest assured that our contact list is not only big but also filled with the best of the best within the industry. 

With us you can enjoy a personal guide who will assist you with local knowledge of the island, giving you the best recommendations for the latest trend or hidden treasures of Ibiza and Formentera. They can recommend the best Cala to visit with your family and friends, or give you the latest update of the traveling policies in the island. 

Our local insights can make a difference between an ordinary trip and authentic Ibizan experience.

Excitement without worries

There is a lot when planning a vacation and many people enjoy the process of investigating every single aspect of the trip. When it comes to vacations in Ibiza, there is so much to cover for being one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Many coves to explore, a lot of food to enjoy, beautiful beaches awaiting and all the options of activities and nightlife events.

The whole process can be overwhelming and not everybody enjoys the hours invested into the investigation, also there is a long process to set reservations for activities and many calls need to be made to ensure everything is in order. 

If you choose to hire us, you get to enjoy the excitement of vacation without the worry of the planning. We always communicate with you every step of the way while tailoring every aspect to your liking.

Enjoy the excitement of a new journey without the worry of making reservations.

A Colleague with solutions

Sometimes in life, plans don’t go as they were supposed to, that is why having someone to back you up during your trip is priceless.

In Eivipssa we are available for our customers 24 hours a day and the 7 days of the week, always happy to assist you in our premium concierge services. May it be a sudden change in the schedule or simply looking for a personal recommendation in the island, we got you covered!

With all of our experience in the business, we have a great network of connections that can help you in many situations through your vacation. Our priority is to find the best solution for any unexpected situation. 

Vacations are more than just a trip, they are a special once in a lifetime experience that will remain as a precious memory. Make the most of your vacation with a service that will grant you the best perks and expertise Ibiza and Formentera has to offer.